Metallurgy Solution

Metallurgy Solution

With the continuous “going out” of Chinese enterprises, the economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries are also increasing, and Sino-foreign metallurgical and mining cooperation is also continuously strengthened. In the translation work between China and foreign countries, the translation of Chinese and foreign metallurgical and mining industries is also increasing, which requires translators not only to be proficient in foreign languages, but also to have a certain understanding of the relevant metallurgical and mining fields. After 17 years of development and accumulation, Foryou has created a professional translation team with a background in the metallurgical and mining industry. The team members have deep metallurgical translation experience and industry background, and have a deep understanding of the industry being translated. Quickly and accurately meet the translation of the international mineral metallurgy industry.

Service Scope

Service Scope

Metal mineral exploration, mining, selection, smelting and rolling process and plan translation; translation of mineral equipment use, translation of tenders for mineral mining, translation of drawings of mineral equipment, translation of mineral processing production, etc.

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Our Team

Top Management

Our top mangement is consisted of language veterans graduated from PKU, UIBE, MUC and BFSU, under the chairmanship of Dr. MENG Yongye from both UIBE and PKU

Translators and Interpreters

Graduated from linguistics or translation majors: over 40% of master degree, 30+ persons with 5 years and 13 persons with over 10 years of full-time translation experiences

Industry Experts

Our industry experts, of professional background and rich translation experience, are mainly engaged in terminology, technical review and training

Project Managers

Having been experienced translators first, project managers are responsible for assigning translators, revisers and reviewers, monitoring all processes and verifying deliverables

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